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About Us

CCBS Coffee Co. has been focused on delivering exclusive flavours to our brands and Franchisee's since 2015 and during The Covid-19 pandemic we decided that best thing we could do for our brands and business partners was to protect our exclusive products and flavours. So, with help from some of the best producers, and using the highest quality ingredients New Zealand can offer, we recreated and redeveloped many of our products here in NZ. 

While our coffee is still sourced globally our NZ roastery strives and succeeds to put the Kiwi culture into every bag.

To allow CCBS Coffee Co to offer its customers with exclusive products, higher quality, improved pricing and supply we removed the middle man and now buy direct from New Zealand suppliers, warehouse and ship direct ourselves. 

Our partnership with the Gloria Jeans Coffee brand globally allows us to also bring award winning Gloria Jeans syrups into New Zealand for those flavours we feel are best kept secret.